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AngelKaizer's : Icons 'n' Such
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This is the icon/graphics journal of angelkaizer.

I never really thought I was talented enough or had enough icons/graphics to make an entire journal for it, but I found that people actually liked some of the stuff I did and so I figured I should have some place it's all collected.

.Comment if you can. I know sometimes I forget, so it's not mandatory or anything.. but please do. It will help me know what people like.
.Credit is nice, but not required. I like it, but sometimes you save stuff and forget. No worries. angelkaizer or slavegirl_werks.
.Edit if you like. My only request is that if you edit any of my stuff, you comment with the changes. I bet a lot of my stuff would like better with other talented people's contributions.. but if so, I want to see it so I can use it too (not required though).
.Don't hotlink please. It's the only thing I care about and only because it can overload the image site I use to host and then others won't be able to see it.. and that sucks.

This journal will most likely remain public because I hate having to friend people or join communities before I can use their stuff. A lot of times I search for icons, I do it all at once (spend a couple hours to satiate my needs for a few weeks).. which is why I sometimes forget to comment too. Basically I'll think of what I like/don't like in an icon/graphic journal and try to apply/avoid that to mine.

If you have any questions, complaints, whatever.. feel free to comment or drop me an email.

x. Credit .x
cap_it, dj_capslock, and random friends
ask if you're looking for specific caps